Pathfinder Brake Problems


One of the most common SUVs today is the Nissan Pathfinder. It offers spacious, shock absorbent interiors, which allow owners to enjoy comfortable driving throughout various terrains. Additionally, the Pathfinder has a wide capacity for heavy passenger and material loads. However, the Pathfinder is prone to brake problems, making it susceptible to vehicular mishaps and accidents.


  • Unlike most SUVs, the Pathfinder is known to acquire premature brake wear that is more common in sedans and more traditional automobiles. Among the usual complaints about the Pathfinder's brakes are screeching, grinding and squealing noises during use, as well as broken brake pads even when used under the best road conditions, something which should not typically be encountered by any newly purchased SUV during it's first year of use. In addition, the whole vehicle is prone to shaking and unprecedented engine vibrations whenever the brakes are used.


  • Despite it's design as an SUV, the Pathfinder works better on smoother paved roads, rather than rough terrains. This is mainly due to it's lack of brake durability. The Pathfinder's brakes and rotors are easily damaged whenever water runs through them, and the brakes have been known to create a screeching sound when used on slippery surfaces, in direct opposition to the purpose of sports utility vehicles.


  • Nissan has responded to the Pathfinder's premature brake problems differently depending on the issue. For premature breakage, the company attributes the problem to a previous design flaw which took place during the mid-1990s. Because of this, Nissan has grown to be open towards brake complaints issued to them by Pathfinder owners, and they usually cover the cost of repair for standard brake wear and tear.


  • Unlike other companies, which require vehicles to be repaired at designated service centers, the Nissan Pathfinder is more lenient and can be serviced at general repair mechanics. The warranties under the automobile's purchase contracts are not typically voided when the vehicle is sent to separate repair mechanic. To ensure complete and comprehensive brake repair, however, it is still recommended to have your Pathfinder serviced at a certified repair center.


  • While SUVs in general are low-maintenance, the Pathfinder requires special care from its owners. Pathfinder owners should be sure to check for its design flaws and remain on the lookout for brake defects while driving. By knowing the vehicle's underlying problems, owners will be able to find better solutions each time they encounter a brake issue and avoid further complications due to damaged or defective brakes.

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