Why Use an Offset Driver?


An offset driver is a great club for golfers who have a hard time hitting their driver consistently and struggle to get the ball in the air. An offset driver has its head set back from the golf shaft. This makes both the club and the ball easier to control. It is most often used by high- and intermediate handicap golfers.

Offset driver -- the look

  • An offset drive resemble a normal driver. It is about the same length and the same weight. It features the same large and powerful driving face that at normal driver does. However, just before the shaft joins the club head, it takes a perpendicular turn backwards to form a small "L" shape. The club head is attached at the bottom of that L-shaped joint.


  • Most golfers who go to an offset driver do so because they fail to get the ball high in the air and regularly do not hit the ball straight either. Most often, that failure is caused by a speeding up of the swing. The golfer is anxious to hit the ball, he rushes his swing, and he looks up to see the results. That shot is often off-course. The offset head of the club serves as a reminder not to speed up the swing. The golfer realizes that he will not get his shot off by rushing it. Speeding up your hands will not help you hit the ball sooner with an offset club. The shaft will get to the ball location before the club head.


  • Golfers realize they have a problem with timing and execution, and that's why they go to an offset club. The results are often quite good. Most teachers and playing partners observe a signficant slowing of the swing.


  • The execution of a steady and smooth swing with an offset club head generally results in a high and straight shot when the golfer has an offset club. The club face will have an "up" angle when it makes contact with the golf ball. This will assure that the ball gets high in the air. If the timing of the swing is adequate, the ball will also go straight as long as the club head is facing the target at impact.

Expert Insight

  • Many golfers would never consider using an offset club because they feel it may give them an unfair competitive advantage. The idea that a club head has to be set back in order to help the golfer hit the ball high and straight does not sit well with some golfers who feel they should be able to "earn" that kind of effective golf shot. However, the rules of golf allow an offset driver and it's not wrong to try it out. It helps golfers think about and execute a consistent swing. The club is not doing it for the golfer. The golfer still has to do the work.

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