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Double-sided tape is a particular form of adhesive tape made especially for special projects and adhering two light weight objects such as paper or cardboard together. It is similar to normal tape besides the fact that there is adhesive on both sides of the strip to make projects quick, easy and with less hassle than regular tape or sticky glue. It is typically placed between two objects and not regularly seen in the ending project which makes it ideal for tight seals and exact edges.


  • Double-sided tape can be used for a variety of different reasons as an alternative to glue or for other crafting projects. It can be especially useful for family heirloom projects such as scrapbooking. It can also be used on the back of photographs to make a firm acid-free seal that will not harm the picture nor be a permanent bond.
    Another great use for double-sided tape is to increase grip on items that could potentially slip out of a person's hand, including things such as tools, steering wheels, power tools or other items that could cause harm to a person or surveyor if it is dropped from a worker's grip.

Common Uses

  • There are several different types of double-sided adhesive tape. Acid free tape is usually clear and used for craft projects and paper as well as some other various projects such as quick fixes and comes in a variety of widths.

    Another type of double-sided tape is commonly used in Hollywood and is used mainly to keep hems from slipping. It is also very commonly used for strapless dresses and other types of low cut gowns that risk slipping and making an embarrassment out of a glamorous event.


  • Using double stick tape instead of glue can prove easier and faster with less mess and clean up. Since it dries and adheres instantly there is no waiting time to dry. It is easily stored in a purse or clutch for an on-the-go fix it. This tape is especially designed to peel away without leaving a gummy residue. It should not leave marks or other abrasions on skin or cause damage to photographs or other sensitive objects.


  • Since there are as many types of tape as there is type of glue it is important to point out that you should be careful when choosing your type of tape for its specific use.

    Some types of tapes are heat-activated, self-stick tape, pressure-sensitive, made for mounting permanent objects onto walls or other decorative items, water activated adhesive, packing tape, paper, cloth or drywall tape and each of these has a different chemical compound that the adhesive is made of.


  • Before using any adhesive subject make sure that you read all of the instructions. Also, make sure that you are using the tape for its intended use. Using any other type of tape other than the specific tape made for dresses and hems on your skin can lead to injury, rash, blotches, allergic reactions or worse.

    Please make sure you read all uses and applications of the tape before purchasing especially if you are intending to use it on skin. If you are not sure, ask an adult or someone who works in fashion and/or fabric before attempting to apply to your skin.

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