How Do You Hang Your Glass Art?

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Glass Art with Light Coming Through it

People have prized glass for art objects since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Contemporary glass art can be both heavy and fragile. To display the art to its best advantage, use the same techniques that artists and galleries use. With the correct hardware, you can create a gallery-quality glass art display in your home.


To determine the most effective method for hanging a specific piece of glass art, decide where you want to hang it. Consider light sources. The position where you can light the art glass to best effect can help in determining a good placement for it. Natural light, a spotlight, or other light source sets off the art glass to good advantage.

The usual rule is to hang art at eye level, though it is fine to take latitude as members of the public and of a specific household vary in height. Make a pencil mark on the wall at the center of the art glass object. Have an assistant help to hold the art glass to help get the placement right.


Hardware that holds the glass art at least an inch from the wall allows light to come through the glass. Notice the difference when you hold the glass against the wall compared to when you hold it farther away. Experiment with different light sources. Lighting brings glass art alive.

There are numerous types of hooks, brackets and mounts available for hanging art. Look at hardware designed for hanging glass art. In some locations, you may be able to obtain these supplies at art supply, craft or home improvement stores. Some online sources specialize in products and kits for hanging glass art, including glue that bonds metal and glass to affix hanging hardware to glass permanently. Some heavy-duty mounts can hold glass art weighing up to 30 pounds.

Hanging the Art Glass

After obtaining a product that suits your needs, clean the back of the glass art in the center. A quick wipe-down with vinegar-water works well. The objective is to remove any residue in order to have effective results with the adhesive. Rinse it off and dry it thoroughly.

Apply the glue according to the product instructions and press the hardware on the glue. Hold the hardware in place for a minute, or as long as directed to allow the adhesive to set.

Install the other part of the hardware at your wall mark, according to the directions. Most mounts require only two screws to attach it to the wall.

After the glue dries, slide the art glass hardware onto the wall hardware. Now your art glass hangs the same way a professional would hang it.

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