Can You Spray Valspar Duramax Exterior Paint?

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Valspar Duramax exterior paint is a paint and primer combination. With this paint, you do not have to prime first. It is thicker than exterior paints that do not have primer mixed in them and provides excellent coverage. This paint can be applied with a brush and roller or sprayed.


Thinning the Paint

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Many exterior paints can be slightly thinned with water to allow them to flow more freely through a sprayer that is having difficulty pumping the product. Valspar Duramax paints cannot be thinned. If you thin this product, you will weaken the bonding agents and void the warranty.

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Not all paint sprayers are created equal. Smaller paint sprayers do not have the spraying capacity or ability as their larger counterparts. If your sprayer will not pump the product, you will need a sprayer with a larger pump.



For optimal results, choose an airless sprayer that has a piston pump. The piston pumps have more spraying capabilities for thick products than diaphragm pumps, and they do not wear out as quickly as its counterpart. When the sprayer is powered on, the piston moves up to allow the paint material to flow into the fluid chamber, and as the piston moves back down, it forces the paint through the hose.



Choose a piston pump style sprayer that can use up to a 1 gpm (gallon per minute) spray tip. A paint sprayer that can utilize a larger tip has the ability to spray thicker products. If you choose a spray tip that is too small, there is the likelihood that the tip will easily clog or it will not function at all.



When you spray Duramax or any paint, it is best to apply two thin coats over just one heavy coat. Sprayers often have a tendency to leave an uneven look in the finish. Spraying two lighter coats will eliminate this problem and leave you with a fine, smooth finish.



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