How Do I Clean a Nikken Comforter?

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Nikken comforters, manufactured by Kenko, feature technology woven into the threads to help users sleep better and more comfortably. Each comforter features ceramic, reflective fibers that allow the body to retain heat and regulate its temperature, and some contain ionic and magnetic technology. The breathability of the fabric used in Nikken comforters makes them usable in both warm and chilly temperatures. Depending on the type, special care may be necessary when cleaning a Nikken comforter.


Travel-Size Comforters

Nikken comforters come in several sizes to fit different bed sizes, and they also come in travel size. The smaller, more compact size allows complete body coverage when unfurled and also doubles as a seat cushion or pillow when folded. Due to their smaller size, travel-size comforters are easy to clean. Machine-wash the Nikken comforter with regular laundry detergent in cold water to remove stains. Do not use bleach or detergents that include bleach. Once laundered, hang the comforter and allow it to air-dry.


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Regular-Size Comforters

For Nikken comforters in twin, full, queen and king sizes, the manufacturer recommends dry cleaning. According to, these comforters contain magnetic technology and should not be washed in a normal washing machine. The magnets can affect the electronics in some appliances, so take your comforter to a dry cleaner you trust and have it professionally cleaned. also warns against cleaning your Nikken comforter with at-home dry cleaning products, since the same risk applies to your appliances. The site also warns against vacuuming or beating the comforter.



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