Directions for Bissell Proheat Plus

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The Bissell Proheat Plus is a mechanical power steamer that utilizes modern technology to shampoo and clean your carpets. Although the initial outlay seems a little high, it definitely gets the job done. Also, it saves you the money that you'd have to pay to get in a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpet for you. It has many different features and can get any variety of jobs done without any hassle. However, as it is such a powerful machine, it is not the simplest thing to clean, but it is definitely manageable.


Surface Preparation

The first thing to do before steam cleaning your carpet is to vacuum the entire carpet being cleaned very thoroughly. The last thing you want is loose debris on your carpet when you clean it. This could either lead to your carpet not getting cleaned or worse, damage to your steam cleaner.


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Also, move away any furniture around the area that is going to be cleaned to avoid any possibility of your furniture getting ruined by carpet cleaner getting on it by accident. Make sure you have sufficient specialized carpet pre-treat and cleaning formula for the area that you're trying to clean. Try to get Bissell formula because it works best with Bissell machines. Spray pre-treat formula on areas that see heavy traffic or are soiled and let it sit for a couple of minutes while getting your Bissell ready.


Steamer Preparation

Open up the main tank of your Bissell Proheat Plus to expose the bladder. This bladder should be filled up with fresh boiling hot water and the lid should be replaced. Make sure when you are putting the tank back together that everything locks together securely or else you could have a massive mess to clean up.


Your formula tank should also be filled up with the appropriate mixture of cleaning formula and water up to the indicated level. The ratio of formula to water depends on the formula that you are using, so check the instructions to find the exact amount. Before starting to clean, you should also make sure that you are using the setting that is appropriate for your cleaning job. The settings can be found on the base of your machine.


Steam Cleaning

After plugging in your Bissell and turning it on you can begin to clean your carpet. The cleaning process should go in a pattern of one full forward and backward pass over the carpet with the solution trigger button on the machine's handle pressed followed by a full forward and backward pass without the trigger button pressed. The second pass allows the cleaner to use suction to remove moisture and cleaner from the carpet.


Repeat this over the whole area that you want to clean. You may want to run over the carpet a few more times without the trigger button depressed to ensure that your carpet isn't left soggy and a breeding ground for fungus. After you have finished cleaning, leave the carpet to air dry for awhile before moving furniture back on it, just to allow any excess moisture to evaporate.


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