How Can I Cool Down My Attic Bedroom?

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An attic bedroom offers a great way to add additional square footage and another bedroom to your house. However, because heat rises in your home, sometimes this space's height prevents it from providing adequate cooling. Carry out a few changes to make your attic bedroom comfortable and cool.



For the easiest and most inexpensive method to cool down an attic bedroom, run a fan (or multiple fans) to circulate the air. Use an oscillating fan, as opposed to a stationary fan, for the most cooling. If you have more than one fan, place one on an elevated surface and point it toward the ceiling, which will push hot air downward. Also try positioning a fan to blow directly on you. If you happen to have a vent in the attic but it just doesn't push out enough air on its own, place a fan near the vent.


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Air Conditioner

Install an air conditioner—either a portable or window-mounted model. Though prices will vary depending on how large of a space you have to cool, an air conditioner will still cost relatively less than having to fix or install air ducts to direct air to the attic. Purchase an air conditioner that fits the size of the room—no larger—to avoid wasting energy and money.



While installing insulation may require some work, it will help greatly with keeping the heat out and the room cooler. Add three to four inches of insulation in previously poorly insulated—or uninsulated—areas. For smaller rooms, this task won't take very long. Always take the proper precautions when handling and installing insulation.



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