Valentine's Day Games for Church Groups

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Valentine's Day activities for church groups should be lighthearted and enjoyable for all ages. If you have a large group, try splitting it into two smaller groups that play two different games and then switch so everyone has an opportunity to play both games.


Chair Race

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Set a row of chairs at one end of a large, open room. About 5 feet from the first row, place a second row of chairs, then a third row 5 feet from the second. The first row of chairs will remain empty, while the second row has two crackers on each chair and the third row of chairs has a deflated balloon on each seat.


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Pair off the group in boy/girl pairs and tape one hand of each teammate to a hand of the other teammate with packing tape. Have everyone stand against the wall in front of the first row of chairs. Say "Go!" and the pairs will race to the first row of chairs, where they must remove their shoes and then sit together on a single chair in such a way that their feet are not touching the ground. After you give the OK, the pair moves to the next chair, where they must each eat a cracker. Once they reach the last chair, they must blow up the balloon until it bursts.


The pair who completes all the tasks first, keeping their hands taped together the entire time, wins. Award the kids with something related to Valentine's Day, such as a box of chocolates or homemade heart-shaped cookies.

Guess the Lips

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Bring tubes of cheap lipstick along with plain white paper. Pass out a sheet of paper to each person and instruct each member of the group to slather on some lipstick (either what you brought or their own) and then kiss the piece of paper (have tissues available for people to wipe off the lipstick before putting it on).


Then, have each person write their name lightly in pencil on the back of their paper. Collect each paper kiss, mix them up and then post them on the wall. Number each one, starting with number one. Next, have the group write down the numbers and then the persons name they believe corresponds with the lips. The person getting the most "paper kisses" correct wins.


Spin the Bottle

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Play a modified version of this classic game by filling an empty, clean bottle with a large mouth (like a juice bottle) with various tasks like, "Kneel down in front of the opposite sex and show them how you would propose" or "sing a verse from a love song" or "list three songs with love in the title."


Then, split your group into two teams. Arrange everyone in a circle and have someone start off by spinning the bottle. Whoever the top of the bottle points to must pull out a task and preform it correctly to earn points for their team. Once a task is completed successfully, take out the slip of paper. At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins.



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