Things to Do for My Boyfriend's Birthday

On boyfriend's birthday, the key to a successful celebration is remembering that this day is for him and him only. All plans, ideas and functions should revolve around his interests and not his friends', his family's or your own. To choose the festivities that he will most enjoy, take into account his preferences in food, hobbies and interests. Take what he likes to do on a day off from work, and incorporate that into an activity or party.

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A Home-Cooked Meal

Something almost any man would enjoy is a home-cooked meal prepared with care by his girlfriend. Select his favorite meal or dish and track down a recipe. Collect the ingredients and select a wine or beverage to compliment the meal. Create a setting with his desired ambiance, for example, candles and his favorite music to create a more romantic mood. Finish the birthday dinner with his favorite dessert, topped with at least one candle.

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Paintball Party

For the more adventurous boyfriend, try a rousing game of paintball with all his friends. Treat him to a day defending the fort, charging over obstacles and playing capture the flag amid a barrage of flying paint. Your boyfriend and his friends will have a ball, literally. If everyone except the birthday boy pays his own admission, this is an inexpensive party. Some paintball locations even have food stands or grilling available. Finish the day with a chorus of "Happy Birthday" with cake served on paper plates.

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Classic Dinner Re-Mix

The classic dinner date for a birthday celebration is a safe bet for a happy birthday evening. Add a unique twist by doing something different afterward, like a trip to a casino, an amusement park or even a bowling alley. Dinner followed by a wine tasting at an area vineyard or a tour of a local brewery can add that special something to make his birthday memorable.

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Sports Game

Take your boyfriend to see his favorite sports team play. Find tickets easily through his favorite team's website, or Consider taking a bus or train to the event so you can enjoy yourselves without worrying about a late-night ride home. Often you can find inclusive deals through your team that may include discounted bus tickets or food vouchers.

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Picnics and Boat Rides

Look into horse stables in your area and arrange an afternoon of horseback riding. Pack a lunch and a blanket, and bring a couple of cupcakes to finish the celebration. Or if you are near a body of water, make reservations for a ferry ride or a dinner cruise.

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