What Gifts Are Expected of a Godparent During Baptism?

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Being a godparent is a huge honor for most people, and it is important to get just the right gift to give the child to commemorate the event. There are plenty of traditional godparent gifts to choose from whether the child being baptized is a boy or a girl. You can offer a gift as personal as your relationship with the child without spending a great deal of money.


Picture Frames

Buy a picture frame to include a picture of the godparent and the child. There are frames available that have "godparent" on them. Some picture frames also come with a Bible verse, saying, or poem about godparents or baptism. A picture is a gift that is long-lasting and personal.


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If the child being baptized is Catholic, a rosary is an appropriate gift for the godparent to give the child, but check with the parents first to ensure they have not already bought one. If they have, the godparent can buy a special jewelry or trinket box for the rosary to be kept in.


If the child is not Catholic, there is a wide variety of other jewelry items the godparent can buy. A simple cross to wear is appropriate and acceptable for both girls and boys.

If the child being baptized is a girl, there are several different faith bracelets. Faith bracelets are beaded bracelets where each bead represents a Bible verse or religious tenets. A card explaining the meaning of each bead is included.


Room Decorations

Buy a faith-based item to hang in the child's room. The godparent can purchase a cross or wall plaque displaying a Bible verse or prayer. Plaques and crosses can often be personalized with the child's name. Ask the parents before buying anything like a crucifix, since some individuals and faiths do not display crucifixes.


If the faith the child is being baptized into believes in saints, give a plaque or picture of the child's patron saint to hang in their room. For example, there are many room decorations that display the prayer to St. Francis.


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