Places to Have a Sweet Sixteen Party

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Sweet 16 parties celebrate the coming of age of when girls turn into young ladies. Teenage girls often want to gather their friends for a special time to celebrate this milestone. Planning the location for your child's Sweet 16 party based on your budget and the party theme helps to ensure the event is a success.


Party at Home

When your budget is small but your dreams are big, hosting a Sweet 16 party at home can be the perfect option. Help your daughter to choose a theme like an '80s dance party, beauty shop, MTV or Hollywood. Instead of using your money to pay for decorations to transform a venue, find a venue in your area that coordinates with your theme. For example, rent out an '80s music club decorated in '80s style or an area of a spa in a resort or hotel for a beauty shop theme. Sweet 16 parties at home are also great choices for kids who prefer something more casual and laid back.


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Party at a Restaurant

Treating your daughter to a fancy dinner out with a few of her closest friends can make a great Sweet 16 party. Ask the girls to come in formal evening wear and drive them to the restaurant. If your budget allows, you might consider allowing them to make their way to the restaurant in a limousine. The girls will have fun feeling grown up over a fancy dinner while enjoying each other's company.


Party at a Skating Rink

Skating rinks are perfect for dance-style Sweet 16 birthday parties. Inquire about the cost of renting your local rink for two or three hours. Give a music list to the DJ in advance and then sit back as the girls dance and skate the night away. Let the kids feast on pizza as they enjoy themselves, and be sure to bring a birthday cake.


Party at a Bowling Alley

Partying at a bowling alley for you daughter's Sweet 16 party can be a lot of fun for her and her friends, especially if they are sporty and team minded. Some bowling alleys offer an option of bowling under black lights or with neon light effects--similar to a nightclub. Have the girls form teams and compete against one another. Be sure to have the bowling alley provide a meal and do not forget to bring you daughter's birthday cake.



Party at a Church

Some churches offer a fellowship hall that is perfect for hosting events such as Sweet 16 parties. Hosting a party at the church might be especially appropriate for the kid who is very involved in youth activities and spends most of her time with friends met at church. Inquire about using the church sound system in order to play some music for the kids and abide by any rules the church may have concerning what you can and cannot do on the premises.


Party at a Community Center

If your budget is small and your house is not big enough to host a Sweet 16 party, you might be able to look into using a room in your local community center. Sometimes these rooms are available for free, while other times you will need to pay a small fee. You can prepare a themed party just as you would if you were hosting a party in your home.


Spa Party at a Hotel

Hotels can be a luxurious setting for a small Sweet 16 party. Invite two or three of your daughter's closest friends to join her for a party in a hotel suite. Let them enjoy use of the pool, sauna and hire a masseuse to give them in-room massages. They can spend the rest of the evening watching movies and enjoying a room service meal. Just to be on the safe side, be sure that there is adult supervision for the duration of the overnight party.



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