High-School Reunion Award Ideas

Image of girls having a reunion party.
Image Credit: Paul Vasarhelyi/iStock/Getty Images

The physical and personality changes from the teen years to adulthood offers a wealth of opportunities to create awards for a high-school reunion. The best reunions are those that offer the chances to poke gentle fun at one another as well as give accolades for lives well lived.


It can be astonishing how far away people wind up from their hometown. Equally true is that it can be interesting to see how many people never left. Offer awards for the person who had to travel the farthest distance to return for the reunion as well as the person who had to travel the least. This is especially interesting when the farthest distance traveled is halfway around the world and the shortest distance is from down the block.

Physical Changes

A 10-year reunion doesn't really offer much chance for change, but after 20 years, this type of award really kicks in. Create a Michael Jackson Award for the man and woman who have changed the most physically since graduation as well as a Dick Clark Award for the man and woman who barely look any different from their yearbook pictures. You also might give a humorous award for the person who lost the most hair.


Give an award to the person who surprised everyone by becoming successful. Hand out a secret ballot for classmates to vote on who has the strangest career and the person who has the job they would most like to have themselves. There are some people in high school who you just knew what career path they would take, so think about an award for the least surprising career path.


You may be surprised how many couples from high school still are together. Award that commitment with recognition for the often denigrated power of young love. When the reunions start getting into the high numbers, such as the 30th and 40th, give awards for the couples who have been married the longest, regardless of whether they met in high school or not.