What to Write on a Retirement Card

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Be sincere when writing your message in a retirement card.
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Many an employee thinks longingly of his retirement date, and when the day finally arrives, a kind message in a card can make the celebration more special. Choosing what to write in a retirement card depends on your relationship with the card's recipient. If you aren't on close terms, a simple greeting such as "best wishes" or "congratulations" is acceptable, but a longer, thoughtful message is better if you have a closer relationship.


Convey Your Best Wishes

Key messages to share in the retirement card include your best wishes for the person who's retiring and a thought about how you'll miss the person. For example, "I'll miss sitting beside you every day but wish you all the best for the excitement ahead" or "We'll all miss your hard-working attitude but know you'll take the same approach to enjoying your retirement." You might ask the individual to remember you in a tongue-in-cheek way. For example, "Think of us sitting in our budget meeting while you spend your afternoon on the golf course." If you're a friend or family member of the individual rather than a colleague, your message can indicate your hope of being able to spend more time together.