What to Wear to a Luau Party

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A luau is a great way to celebrate the summer, and a fun, festive theme for any party. Luaus are Polynesian-style parties filled with great food, colors and decor. A luau also gives guests a great opportunity to get in the spirit by dressing up in brightly colored, floral attire. Here are some great ideas for what to wear to a luau party.


Hawaiian Prints

Grab that Hawaiian print shirt you bought on vacation and get ready to hula. A Hawaiian print shirt or dress is the most obvious and easiest piece of clothing that you could wear to a luau. Pair the shirt with some nice khaki shorts, or for women, a casual jean skirt. Another good option is a nice tank top or T-style shirt that has a Hawaiian print. Okay, so you you might match the tablecloth, but that's the point. Luau's are festive events full of color!


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Go for Tradition

A traditional sarong is also a great wardrobe option for a luau. There are more than 20 ways to tie a sarong; it can look like a sundress or a skirt. You can pair it with a cute tank top, or if the luau is a pool party, a sarong is a great piece to use to cover your swimsuit. You'll arrive in Hawaiian style and be ready to enjoy the fun.


Let the Sundress Shine

A sundress for a woman is also a really good idea. If you have a floral-print one, that would be more festive. A brightly colored shirt with a Hawaiian printed or floral skirt is an easy way to dress festive for a luau. You may just have these items in your closet. If you are anti print opt for bright colors; it gives you a solid choice without being to floral.


Surfs Up

If the budget is thin and you don't want to buy anything, you can always try a simple solid-colored shirt or tank top with a pair of board shorts. This is a more surfer-style look, but Hawaii is known for its surf, so this is actually a good option.


Go Grassy

If you are really in the spirit and don't mind doing your best hula, you might as well get out the ole grass skirt from Halloween--just don't forget to wear a bathing suit or shorts under the it. Pair it with a pukka shell necklace, and you can't get more festive than that. Girls may even want to put a flower in their hair to add a finishing touch. Try to go for a more tropical flower such as an orchid or lily.



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