Inexpensive Ideas for Table Centerpieces

You can create inexpensive table centerpieces for a party or an intimate dinner with objects like mirror tiles, fish bowls and cabochons. Make an elegant centerpiece for a wedding reception with stem glasses and tea lights or simple centerpieces with herbs and annuals that you can plant when the party is over. Combine flowers and candles in the center of the table for your next dinner for two. Use simple ideas and affordable items to make centerpieces that enhance any occasion.

A simple vase of seasonal flowers makes an elegant but inexpensive centerpiece.
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Elegant Centerpieces

Set an elegant table with a 12-by-12-inch mirror tile, stem glasses, glass marbles and tea lights. Glue crystal stem glasses to a mirror tile for stability with craft glue that dries clear. Fill the glasses halfway with glass marbles and top each one with a tea light. Spread a few more glass cabochons, or flat-backed glass stones, on the mirror tile around the glass. The glasses don't have to match, and you can use either one or three in the center of a mirror tile for each centerpiece.

Casual Centerpieces

Create casual table centerpieces for a garden party or an outdoor shower with small terra-cotta pots planted with herbs or flowering annuals. Separate the herbs from larger plants or buy a flat of annuals to make these inexpensive centerpieces even more cost-effective. Tie each pot with a strip of ribbon or glue cabochons around the outside. If the potting soil in the top of the pots is visible, spread cabochons or pebbles as a cover. You can plant these small centerpieces in larger containers or in your garden when the party is over.

Intimate Centerpieces

Flowers and candles accentuate an intimate dinner table. You can make an intimate centerpiece that looks like you picked it up from the florist. Buy a small round fish bowl and a bouquet of silk or live flowers. Crop the flowers so that the blossoms are close to the rim of the bowl. Fill the fish bowl with single-colored stones before you insert the flowers. Flank the flowers with two small candleholders and taper candles in a color that complements the stones in the flower arrangement.