Ways to Wear Jelly Bracelets

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Jelly bracelets are thin, rubbery plastic bangles available in many colors. They were popular in the 1980s and regained popularity in the mid-to-late 2000s. They are worn primarily by preteens and teenagers, who are perhaps drawn to their low price and versatility. Jelly bracelets can be worn many ways; try them all and find your favorite.


Wear One at a Time

Keep it simple and wear one jelly bracelet at a time. If you prefer a jelly bracelet with a charm on it (see Resources), wearing it alone will show it off best. Pick a color to match your outfit or choose one that clashes to accent the style.


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Stack Them

Madonna made jelly bracelets popular in the 1980s by wearing many of them (usually all black) on one arm (see Resources). Today you can mix colors, wear some jelly bracelets with charms and some without. Stack them as far up your arm as you want.


Connect Two (or Four) to Make One

Venn Diagram

Connect two jelly bracelets to make one bracelet. Tying them together is often referred to as hooking or twisting. Place two jelly bracelets on a hard surface with the right one overlapping the left a bit so that it looks like a Venn diagram. Grasp the right side of the left bracelet and fold it over the left side of the right bracelet so that it is touching the left side of the left (its own) bracelet. Do the same with the other side. Now you have a new hole in the middle, which you may have to stretch a bit to fit your hand through. You can also tie, hook or twist bracelets by overlapping four of them: two stacked on the left and two stacked on the right.


Connect Many to Make One

Intertwine more than two jelly bracelets to make one bracelet or even a necklace. Just take two jelly bracelets and pinch each with your thumb and pointer. In your left hand, hold up the bracelet so that it looks like an O. Slide the bracelet you're holding in your right hand over the O in your left hand---because jelly bracelets are so flexible, this is easy. Stop when the bracelet hits the middle of the O. Keep holding the O in your left hand and with your right hand reach from behind the O and grab the front of the bracelet that's sitting in the middle of the O; pull the front of that bracelet through the O and away from it so that a knot forms between the two bracelets. Keep adding bracelets if you wish.


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