Strategies for Decorating a Shoebox Parade Float Project for Children

Shoebox parade floats allow children an opportunity to use their minds as well as their arts and crafts skills, as they create the parade of their dreams. All you need are some shoeboxes and their lids, construction paper, glue or paste, crayons or markers, and scissors. Search your house and craft closet for embellishments like glitter, sequins, pipe cleaners, ribbon and more. The rest is left to the child's imagination.

This shoebox parade float is made with felt, pipe cleaners, glue and embellishments.


Decide what kind of scene you will create with your shoebox parade float. Turn the shoebox upside down, as its bottom side will be the base for the float. Insert one end of the box into the open side of the shoebox lid. The interior of your lid will become the float's backdrop.


Paint the outside of the box and both the inside and outside of the lid, or cover both pieces in construction paper. Draw pictures or glue cutouts that have been made from construction paper onto the base and backdrop of your float. Embellish the float with fun details like glitter, sequins, buttons, ribbon or bits of fabric. Make a flag from fabric or paper and use a drinking straw or coffee stirrer for the flag post. The options are endless.

For example, if you want to make a princess float, paint the box and its lid pink. Top the box with some soft fabric and set a doll on top. The doll should be dressed like a princess. Paint the interior of the box to represent a castle. Adorn with ribbons and glitter.

I Love a Parade!

Stage your shoebox parade with one or more floats. Arrange the shoeboxes according to parade order. Put some marching music on the CD player and you're ready to enjoy the parade!