Door Decorating Ideas

Your front door is the first opportunity to tell visitors that they’re entering a home, rather than just a house. Whether you’re welcoming guests year-round or adding a special holiday touch, options beyond traditional wreaths abound. While some claim that a red door symbolizes warmth and welcome, you can send your message in more subtle ways.

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Hobbies and Flowers

Do you have a hobby that involves special equipment? Transform an old piece into a floral display for the front door. For example, if you are a photography buff, hang an antique box camera topped with tulips or roses - real or silk - on the front door. Gardener? Fill an old galvanized watering can with lavender or silk wildflowers, like bluebonnets and Indian pinks. If you want to use fresh flowers, tuck a small canning jar, a vase or an empty jelly jar filled with water inside your new display item. An old pair of rain boots also make a whimsical plant holder to hang. Leave them plain or use outdoor acrylic paint to add words or a design, add grommets to the tops and thread a ribbon through the grommets to hang them.

Tagging It

Trace a manila shipping tag and enlarge it to make a pattern to cut from wood. Cut them out, drill a hole in each, and you’re ready to embellish. Sand and seal them, leaving them in natural colors, and use a wood-burning tool or dark brown paint to add a welcoming message, or paint them with seasonal colors before adding holiday messages or designs. Seal them again with marine varnish to protect them from the elements.

Mossy Message

Add a living touch to your door with moss-covered monograms or words.

Things You'll Need

  • Wooden letters
  • Sandpaper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Moss sheets
  • Scissors
  • Spray adhesive
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wide ribbon (optional)
  • Screw eyes (optional)
  • Picture-hanging wire (optional)

Step 1

Sand the wooden letters to smooth any rough edges and paint them, allowing the paint to dry thoroughly. A single coat of paint is fine for the front and sides of the letters, as they will be covered. You may need a second coat for the back, depending on the paint color.

Step 2

Spread the moss sheets on your work surface with the moss side down.

Step 3

Place the letters on the mesh side of moss sheets with the front of the letters facing down. Trace around the letters, then make a second line 1 inch larger. If your letters are deeper than 1 inch, make that second line far enough from the first to match the depth.

Step 4

Cut out the moss letters. With spray adhesive, attach the front of the letters to the back of the moss.

Step 5

Clip the moss at the corners of the letters to make the sheet lay smoothly as you fold it around the sides of the letter, gluing it as you go with the hot-glue gun.

Step 6

Trim away any excess moss from the back of the letters.

Step 7

Now, you have two options for hanging your mossy message:

  • Space the letters evenly along a length of wide ribbon and glue them on with hot-glue or wood glue.
  • Attach two screw eyes to each letter and wrap wire between them several times to make a hanger.

Pretty Parasols

Upcycle a pretty umbrella for an eye-catching door decoration. Tie a coordinating ribbon around the half-open umbrella to create a makeshift vase, about 6 inches up from the pointed end of the umbrella, tying this ribbon into a bow. Fill the opening at the handle with tulips, roses, gladiolas or other spring flowers.

Garden Welcome

Let everyone know that you are a garden enthusiast when you turn a garden hose into a front-door wreath.

Things You'll Need

  • 15-foot garden hose
  • Twist-ties or string
  • Silk flowers
  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue or permanent craft adhesive
  • Garden gloves
  • Ribbon

Step 1

Coil the hose into a wreath shape and secure it with twist ties or string.

Step 2

Trim the stems on the flowers so that they are slightly shorter than the garden gloves.

Step 3

Tuck the flowers under the twist tie or string. You may want to add a little craft adhesive or hot glue to hold them in place, although it isn’t essential to do so.

Step 4

Lay the gloves over the stems, fingers up, and tie the ribbon around them. Make a bow. If you wish, use a little glue to attach the gloves to the stems before you add the ribbon.


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