Fabric Rope Easter Basket

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Easter is such a welcome holiday -- usually the beginning, and always a celebration of spring. Making this rag basket is a perfect way to get ready for the season and you can even use up your fabric scraps!

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Cut Strips

Purchase precut 2 1/2-inch strips or cut your own scraps into strips 2 1/2-inch wide and approximately 21 inches long with a mat and roller cutter. Use a variety of colors and patterns to match your taste.

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Sew Strips Together

Sew strips together in groups of four, which is about all you can handle as you wrap the cord. Use a 1/4-inch seam and alternate patterns and colors.

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Anchor Strips to Cord

Fold the end of one strip in half and sew a seam across the end. Turn, insert the end of the cotton piping and sew closed.

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Wrap Fabric Around Cord

With the strip folded in half, begin wrapping the fabric around the heavy cord. Hold tightly in place and overlap the edges by about half of the width of the strip.

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Add Strips as You Go

Sew additional strips together as you reach the end of each one. This avoids the tangled mess of fabric you would have if you were working with the entire length of strips at one time. When you reach the end of the cord, sew the fabric to the cord and this will keep the fabric from unraveling.

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Start Coil

Coil the wrapped cord and stitch together as you go. Use a large needle and a thimble to push the thread through the cord.

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Turn Up the Side

Continue sewing and turning the coil until you have about seven rounds. Transfer the cord to the top of the coil and sew down through the cord for the first row.

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Build the Side

Continue building the sides until you reach the end of the cord. Lap the end cord over the side and sew in place.


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