Mason Jar Football Brownie Treats

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It's Super Bowl Party time! Enjoy the big game with this mason jar brownie sundae! Brownies in the shape of footballs top layers of luscious buttercream and fudge brownies for a tasty, football treat!

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Brownies & Buttercream

Let both your brownie pans cool before cutting. One pan will become the mini squares for layering and one pan will become the mini footballs.

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Fudge Brownie Squares

To start, chop one pan of brownies into 1/2" squares. These will be layered in the mason jars.

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Football Shaped Brownies

Next, using a football cookie cutter (or oval shaped cutter), create mini football-shaped brownies. Make one football to top each mason jar treat.

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Piping on Football Brownies

Give the football-shaped brownies their final touch by piping vanilla buttercream laces onto the brownies. Use a small round piping tip and piping bag to create the white lace lines.

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Layering Mason Jar Treats

Time to put it all together. Start with a layer of your brownie squares. Next, add a layer of buttercream tinted green for "grass." Repeat layers until full.

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Piping "Grass"

To complete this recipe, use a "grass" tip by Wilton to pipe buttercream on top of the brownie layer. Sprinkle with green jimmies for an extra touch of color.

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Mason Jar Football Brownies

Complete your mason jar treat by setting a football brownie into the buttercream "grass." And feel free to add your own twist to these: sprinkle with chopped nuts, use ice cream instead of frosting, or choose your team's colors for extra fan spirit!


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