Yarn Heart Crafts

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These yarn wrapped hearts are adorably simple to make and the perfect Valentine activity for kids ages 6 to 10. They are really cute hung from flowering branches in the center of a table, or presented to friends as gifts. You could replace the center arrow with a cute pencil pencil. Either way, your kids are going to love making these yarn wrapped hearts.

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Form a "V" with wire.

Begin by clipping about 12 inches of barked covered wire and straighten out into a line. Then, bend the wire in half so it forms a "V." An adult should do this step.

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Form Heart Shape and Wrap with Yarn

Measure out 6 feet of yarn and trim. Set aside. Bend the two wire ends together to form the heart shape. Secure the two ends together by wrapping a couple of inches of yarn around the meeting point in the center of the heart.

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Cross Heart With Yarn

Begin crossing the yarn back and forth across the heart. Make sure to loop the yarn entirely around the wire at each cross.

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Tie Off at Top to Form a Hanging Loop

When yarn is nearing the end, tie off at the top of each bump in the heart, forming a hanging loop.

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Make an Arrow With Wire and Felt

To make the arrow, cut and straighten 6 inches of wire. Cut two small triangles and four small, 1-inch strips of felt. Glue the felt triangles together over the tip of the wire. Then, glue the felt strips on the wire at an angle. Set aside to dry.