Don't Botch the Bird: Holiday Turkey Tips

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Ready for everything you've always wanted to know about turkey (but were afraid to ask)? Seven of the top 10 searches on eHow Food last November concerned turkey basics. The big bird can be bewildering, but not in the capable hands of meat expert Josh Ozersky. He talks turkey with his signature blend of passion, humor and serious know-how … and reveals his personal secrets for a show-stopping bird.

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Brining Basics

Brining can draw out the juices and make your bird extra flavorful. Josh goes through the basics of brining and gives tips you can take to your own kitchen. - in association with Rachael Ray.

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Prepping for the Oven

Getting the bird ready for the oven is a Herculean task in itself. Josh shows how to truss a turkey, what he uses for stuffing, and how to maneuver it into an oven-ready position. - in association with Rachael Ray

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Roasting Tips

How long do you roast a turkey? How can you ensure an even roast? How do you know when it's done? Josh answers all questions cooking-related. - in association with Rachael Ray

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Carving and Plating

The skin is golden-brown perfection and the thermometer reads 165 degrees. Now the hard part: Carving and plating your big bird for optimal table presentation. Josh demystifies the carving process and shows an easy shortcut to the best meat. - in association with Rachael Ray

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Making Gravy

Don't throw away those pan drippings! You need all those delicious brown bits for the gravy. Josh uses wine and flour to make a pan gravy that will wow your guests. - in association with Rachael Ray

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