Suzuki LT50 Specs

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Suzuki launched the LT-Z50 series in 1984 to give older children and younger teens the chance to experience an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), but with much less power than an adult's quad. The original LT-50 was the first-ever youth ATV and as of 2010 were still in production.


The engine at the heart of the youth ATV is four-stroke, so the strokes of the intake, power, compression and exhaust occur in a crankshaft rotation. The engine has only one cylinder, which has a bore of 1.4 inches. The piston's stroke measures 1.9 inches. The engine has a displacement – the volume of the space in which a piston moves in one stroke from top dead center (TDC) to bottom dead center (BDC) – of 3 cubic inches. It also has an oil reservoir built in for lubrication. An air-cooling system is tasked with maintaining the temperature of the engine so that it performs to maximum ability and never overheats. The compression ratio of the engine is 8.4-to-1. Fuel is delivered via a Mikuni VM13 carburetor. The power generated by the engine is applied to the quad's wheels through a V-belt automatic transmission. This transmission has chain final drive. All of this is kicked into action via an electric starter with recoil and capacitive discharge ignition (CDI); this creates a current that fires the spark plugs


The body of the ATV measures 30.3 inches in width, 30.1 inches in height and 50 inches in length. Its seat is 21.1 inches above ground level. The wheelbase of the quad – the distance between the centers of the rear and front wheels – is 32.7 inches. Without any passengers or cargo on board, the Suzuki LT-Z50 weighs 167.6 lbs. When this vehicle is full of fuel, it holds 0.7 gallons of gas. Both the front and back tires measure 16 inches in diameter and have a cross-section of 8 inches. The tires fit 7-inch-diameter wheels.

Brakes and Suspension

Independent single A-arm, oil-damped suspension, equipped with coil springs, smoothes out the road's bumps from the front end of the quad. From the rear, an oil-damped swingarm with coil springs helps out. Mechanical drum brakes at the front and back of the bike supply the Suzuki's stopping power.