Specifications for a Mitsubishi BD2F

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The BD2F is a crawler tractor manufactured by the Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, part of the Mitsubishi Group. A crawler tractor is a construction vehicle that travels on tracks. Many attachments can be added to these vehicles. When a blade is added – which is the case with the BD2F – the tractor is often referred to as a bulldozer. The BD2F comes in two versions: the 1B0 and the 1B5.


Both of the tractors use an engine with a displacement of 159.2 cubic inches. The 2.6-liter engine generates a maximum 37 horsepower in the BD2F-1B0. The power output from the BD2F-1B5 is 39 horsepower.


The blade – the metal plate at the front that moves rubble and soil out of its path – is 7.5 foot long and 1.9 foot high. With this blade included, the length of the vehicle is 11.1 feet. Without the blade, it is 7.9 feet long. The Mitsubishi has a 3.9-foot track gauge, which is the distance between the centers of both the right and left tracks. Each of the tracks is 11.8 inches wide. The width over tracks is 4.9 feet, meaning the distance between the outer sides of the vehicle's two tracks. The height from the ground to the top of the Mitsubishi's cab is 7.1 feet. The bottom of the undercarriage clears the ground by 11.8 inches at its lowest point. The length of track that constantly touches the ground is 5.6 feet.

Other Features

Including a driver and any necessary liquids, such as gas and oil, the 1B0 tractor weighs 7,672 pounds. Under the same circumstances the 1B5 weighs in at 7,848 pounds. A transmission with three forward gears and two reverse gears, applies the output generated through the 1B0's engine into the tracks. The 1B5's transmission delivers this power to the track's via two forward gears and two reverse gears.