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Professional mechanics as well as shop enthusiasts make sure that their tools are well cared for. They store them after use in a proper place so that their work area is clear for projects. The Mac Tool Company has a variety of solutions for tool storage. According to the company, the most popular storage equipment they sell is the Macsimizer line of tool storage equipment.


Configuration of the Macsimizer

The possible configuration of the Macsimizer toolbox series is vast. There are 80 base units, 61 hutch or top units and 33 side units. However, the Mac Tool Company claims that the most popular configuration is an 11-drawer base unit, two full height side cabinets with six shelves and a top hutch. However, each piece is also available independently.


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The base unit has 11 drawers and measures 46 3/8 inches in height, is 66 5/8 inches wide and has a depth of 27 inches. The hutch comes without any drawers and can be used for storing books or odd-sized pieces of equipment. It measures 27 1/4 inches in height, is 66 5/8 inches wide and 27 inches deep. The side units have six shelves. The units are 65 3/16 inches high, 26 1/4 inches wide and 27 inches deep. Fully assembled, the unit is 146 5/16 inches wide, 27 inches deep and 83 5/16 inches high.



The base 11-drawer unit provides the user with 11 heavy-duty drawers—each with a capacity of holding 200 pounds of tools. However, the top drawer is extra wide and holds 400 pounds of tools. Mac Tools has patented a system called the "Synchroglide" Drawer Retention System. This system has adjustable metal detents that require 0 to 12 pounds of pull force to open. Without removing the drawer the amount of pull force for each drawer can be set. Lock cylinders are easily accessible and can be keyed the same for each drawer, not only in the base but also in the auxiliary units as well. The Macsimizer comes with six heavy-duty spring-loaded casters that can hold 2,000 pound per wheel. According to the Mac Tool Company, the wheels—which they call Rollx—will not flatten or chip. The wheels have Posiloc brakes. The materials used in the making of the base unit are heavy-duty, double-walled metal drawer fronts with matching heavy-duty chrome pulls. The drawers are interchangeable and fully extend. Included with the base are nonskid drawer liners, a writing tray and two parts trays.


The side units have five ball-bearing roll-out metal trays that can be installed in a custom configuration by the owner. Doors are reversible to mount the cabinet on either side of the base unit. The lock is a three-point lock system and is flush to the door. The inside of the door has punched holes (similar to a pegboard) for additional hanging storage. It also comes with nonskid drawer liners. Construction is double-walled metal.


Also made of double-walled steel, the hutch has a one-piece door with a two point locking system. The opening apparatus consists of oil-filled shocks with ball-bearing glides. When opened, the door is inside the top of the hutch allowing for complete accessibility. There are two access holes for electrical and computer wiring as well as 1/4-inch-thick pegboard.

Additionally, there are several options available for the Macsimizer tool box series.


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