Gift Ideas for a Wife's 35th Birthday

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Saying "happy birthday" to the woman you love is a wonderful expression of affection on her 35th birthday.

A 35th birthday is a special occasion: It is the midway point between 30 and 40, two milestones in a person's life. Celebrating your wife's 35th birthday means adding a special, personalized touch to the present. Many 35-year-old women have achieved family, career and personal successes -- gifts that celebrate their achievements are always worthy ideas.


35th Birthday Cupcakes

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Having a baker prepare 35 festive cupcakes in your wife's favorite flavor and colors is a tasty gift idea. Cupcakes can be arranged in a birthday gift box, and as a personal touch you can write her a note of 35 reasons you love her and include it in the box. If your wife appreciates surprises, arrange for the cupcakes to be delivered to her office. Cupcakes are a very trendy baked good right now and there are a wide variety of flavors, styles and unique creations gift givers can choose from. (References 1)


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35th Birthday Photo Collage

Photo collage
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Many people have photographs that they cherish, yet so often photographs are not displayed throughout the home for daily enjoyment. Creating a 35th birthday collage -- with 35 of your wife's favorite pictures -- is a memorable gift. Display the photographs in a collage-style frame or mount them on a soft board. You could also upload them to a digital picture frame for displaying this heartfelt gift.


35th Birthday Musical Collection

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Collecting your wife's favorite songs from the past 35 years is a useful and thoughtful 35th birthday gift. Combining songs from her childhood with beloved college music and songs from memorable moments -- such as your wedding, children's birthdays and holidays -- will be a gift she will remember for many years. Although sourcing the music for the collection is a labor-intensive process, it is a worthy 35th birthday gift idea.



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