Champion CJ6Y Specs

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Spark plugs are designed for use in engines.

Champion is a Federal-Mogul brand that has been in use for more than 100 years. The company manufactures an extensive array of spark plugs, as well as performance lubricants and additives. Champion manufactures spark plugs suitable for a broad range of engines, and these products include features such as resistor and nonresistor types and heat-active alloy electrodes.

What is a Spark Plug?

As defined by Dodge Ram, a spark plug seals the combustion chamber of an engine. It conducts a spark, which is generated in the ignition coil, into the combustion chamber and provide a gap for that spark to leap across. Following this, the spark plug conducts the heat generated during the combustion process to the cylinder head and into the cooling system.

Spark plugs are composed of three components. The shell, a threaded metal hex, is used to install and remove the spark plug, and also seals the combustion chamber. The majority of shells use extruded steel and are zinc-plated. The second component is the insulater, which moves the previously mentioned heat as well as insulates the secondary ignition voltage from grounding somewhere other than the combustion chamber gap. The last component is the electrodes, which provide the gap as well as conduct the spark from the wire of the spark plug into the combustion chamber.

Champion CJ6Y Spark Plug

The Champion CJ6Y is 14 mm in diameter, or thread size, with a 9.5 mm reach and 20.6 mm hex size. It has a gasket seat seal and is a nonresistor type spark plug. The CJ6Y has a M4 thread terminal type, and the electrodes are made of standard material. Champion uses a copper core in the center electrodes of its spark plugs, which reduces the tip temperature. The tip is projected with a single electrode configuration, and it uses bantam applications. The heat range of the CJ6Y is six, which refers to how fast the spark plug can transfer heat to the engine head from the combustion chamber.

Additional Information

Other Champion spark plugs include the CJ7Y and CJ6, both of which have identical specifications to the CJ6Y. Champion also produces spark plugs meant to have a long life, such as the Champion Double Platinum, with electrodes made of materials such as silver, gold palladium, platinum, tungsten and iridium.

Applications for the CJ6Y spark plug include chain saws, outdoor power equipment, lawnmowers, mopeds, minibikes, scooters, motorcycles and engines made by a variety of companies.

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