Gifts for a 36 Year Old Female

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Choose a gift for a woman who is turning 36 years old.

For many women, particularly those with husbands and children, life is all about doing for others. They might not typically buy frivolous things for themselves. So consider her 36th birthday an opportunity to spoil her and buy her things that she would not ordinarily do for herself. Choose a gift that fits her personality, a hobby or something that will help her relax.


Book Reader

For a woman who likes to unwind at the end of the day with a good book, choose an electronic book reader. These readers allow people to download many different books onto a slim, compact electronic device. That way, she won't have to carry around lots of bulky books when she heads to the beach or travels for work. Many book readers are also made with a special screen so that she can still read the words, even in bright sunlight. Give her the book reader, along with her favorite classic book in electronic form.


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A classic birthday gift for any woman is a piece of jewelry. Choose a special gift of jewelry for her 36th birthday. For example, go with a charm bracelet in either silver or gold. Select a few charms for the bracelet. For example, choose hearts with her children's birthstones, or a tiny whisk for a woman who likes to cook. Be creative and consider her preferences when you select the charms. Alternatively, choose a classic pair of diamond or pearl earrings, or a chunky, trendy bracelet.



For a woman celebrating a 36th birthday who enjoys pampering herself, or who deserves a little pampering, go with a spa-style gift. Choose a gift card to her favorite local spa, for example, for a massage, a facial or a manicure and pedicure. If you want to spend a bit more money, select a gift card so that she can spend an entire day at the spa having all sorts of treatments. Spa gift packages can get a bit expensive, so if you can't afford to give her such a gift, create a spa-inspired gift basket. Include bubble bath, a manicure set, face cream, an aromatherapy candle and other items.



Many women love learning to do new things. Sign her up for a class so that she can learn to do something that she has always wanted to do. For example, choose classes such as pottery, painting, cooking, dancing, horseback riding, yoga or fly fishing. Check with local colleges and community centers for adult classes.



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