Suzuki Japanese Mini Truck Specifications

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Suzuki mini trucks are versatile.

Suzuki is the largest manufacturer of mini trucks in Japan. Produced initially from 1989-1996, these mini trucks are available in the United States for non-highway purposes. Versatile and comfortable, Suzuki mini trucks can solve logistic issues for campgrounds, farms, campuses and other short range hauling needs.

Engine and Drive

Suzuki mini trucks feature a 550- to 660-cubic-centimeter engine with two to four cylinders and a high/low transfer case. The mini trucks are available in two-wheel or four-wheel drive configurations and are liquid cooled with four- or five-speed manual transmissions. The engine is capable of achieving over 50 miles per hour and over 40 miles per gallon, but restrictor plates in the United States limit speed to 25 miles per hour.

Body and Tires

The bed of a Suzuki mini truck is 6 feet 7 inches long and 4 feet 3 inches wide with a carrying capacity of 780 lbs. The sides can be folded down and the tailgate is removable. The truck itself -- approximately 1,800 lbs., 10 feet long and 5 feet tall -- features 12-inch tires.


The interior of Suzuki mini trucks carry full instrumentation including oil, temperature and electric diagnostics. Suzuki provides all lights and signals as well as heat, a horn, AM radio and glove box as part of a standard package. Some models also include air conditioning.

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