Timberjack Skidder Specifications

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Timberjack skidders are used for forestry removal.

Timberjack provided machinery for the manufacturing forests. It provided many different types of equipment for forests removal including skidders. In 2000, Timberjack became a subsidiary of John Deere. Although the popular manufacturing equipment was discontinued in 2006, there are still parts available for select equipment including Timberjack Skidders. Such parts for the Timberjack Skidder include parts for the transmission and parts that enhance driver comfort and safety.


Timberjack Skidder Transmission

The Timberjack Skidder features a key start transmission with a single lever control. The transmission features a four wheel drive option for stable driving on the toughest terrain. The Timberjack Skidder's soft shift transmission has faster cycle times that reduce shock loads on the machine and offer the operator comfort.


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Timberjack Skidder Safety

The Timberjack Skidder features many different safety measures including a fire extinguisher. It also features a fully screened operator's compartment, which meets safety regulations. The Timberjack Skidder offer drivers deluxe suspension for comfort. A elastic safety belt is also available for comfort and safety. The Timberjack Skidder also features engine safety alerts, such as the transmission overheat alert, which warn drivers of possible dangers and problems within the engine.


Timberjack Skidder Optional Equipment

The Timberjack Skidder features optional equipment for the diver that are for both practicality and comfort. The Timberjack Skidder has an option of a cab heater and air conditioner for driver comfort. It also features a windshield washer and wiper for driver safety. The Timberjack Skidder also offers dozer blade extensions, an option welcomed by many in rough terrain.


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