John Deere 350 Specs

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Founded in 1837, John Deere is one of the world's leading manufacturers of farm, forestry and construction equipment. Additionally, the company produces a wide range of golf course equipment, mowers, lawn and garden tractors, and other outdoor power equipment, such the industrial 350 tractor with a crawler chassis.



The John Deere 350 tractor is a 300-series model with a clutch-brake system and contracting band brakes. Operational weight of the crawler tractor is 7,825 to 7,895 pounds. The length is 96.9 inches on the four-roller type and 99.1 inches on the five-roller type. Width of the tractor is 50.1 inches, with a height range of 52 to 76 inches. Ground clearance is 13.25 inches, which includes the rear crossbar. Width over tracks is 65 inches.


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Fuel capacity for the John Deere 350 is 22 gallons, with an engine oil capacity of 2.2 gallons. The hydraulic fluid capacity is 6.4 gallons, and the final drives fluid capacity is 10 gallons. The three-cycle engine uses either gasoline or diesel fuel. Specs on the gasoline and diesel engine vary slightly.


Gasoline Engine

The three-cylinder, 42 HP gasoline engine has a bore/stroke measurement of 3.875 by 3.875 inches, and a displacement of 135 cubic inches. The cooling system holds 12 quarts, the air cleaner is dry and the compression is 7.7:1. The torque is 110 pound foot, operating at 1300 torque RPMs. The gasoline engine has 12 starter volts, an oil capacity of 9 quarts, and rated RPMs of 2500.


Diesel Engine

The three-cylinder, 42 HP diesel engine has many similarities to the gasoline engine. They include a cooling system holding 12 quarts of coolant, a dry air cleaner, and torque of 110 pound-feet operating at 1,300 torque RPMs. The diesel engine also has 12 starter volts, an oil capacity of 9 quarts and rated RPMs of 2,500. Differences include the bore/stroke measurement of 3.875-by-4.3125 inches, compression of 16.7:1, and displacement of 152 cubic inches.


Transmission/Hydraulic System

The John Deere 350 has a sliding gear transmission with four forward gears and one reverse gear. The hydraulic system is an open-center pump type. The relief valve pressure measures 2,250 psi, with a pump flow capacity of 14 gallons.



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