Specifications on the Honda Odyssey FL350

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The Honda Odyssey FL-350R was an all-terrain vehicle built in only one year--1985. According to Ramjet's Ride Report, the vehicle was a bit ahead of its time and almost like maintaining a small car. One of the greatest benefits of the vehicle was the fact that its transmission had a reverse gear, a feature unheard of with most ATVs at that time.


The Honda Odyssey FL-350R used a 20.07-cubic-inch, air-cooled, two-stroke single-cylinder engine and had a reported speed of up to 60 mph. Piston and reed valve carburetors measuring 1.25 inches fed fuel into the engine at a compression ratio of nearly 20.0-to-1. Bore and stroke for the engine measured 3.09 inches by 2.67 inches. Spark plugs measured between 0.02 and 0.03 inches.

Transmission and Brakes

The Odyssey's transmission was a three-speed manual with a V-belt torque converter and cockpit stick shift. The clutch for this system was automatic. Dual hydraulic brakes provided stopping power for the vehicle's front wheel while single hydraulic disc brakes performed the same function for the rear wheels. The Odyssey also used a cable-actuated disc parking brake. The starter for the Odyssey was a 12-volt recoil-type electric with a pull start.

Dimensions and Suspension

The Odyssey possessed a four-wheel independent suspension. According to Ramjet's Ride Report, original shocks for the suspension were a weak point and were prone to early breakdown. Overall length of the ATV was 85 inches with a wheelbase of 65.5 inches. Height and width measure 60.6 inches and 58.1 inches, respectively. Dry weight is about 602 pounds.

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