Blue Point Scan Tools

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Snap-on Inc. manufactures the Blue Point brand of diagnostic scan tools. The scan tools plug into your on-board diagnostic II (OBDII) system, which allows you to obtain vehicle statistics and diagnostic trouble codes (DTC). OBDII systems are found on all vehicles made after 1996, and these systems use industry-wide standard codes that allow you to easily diagnose a problem no matter what type of vehicle you drive.

CanOBD2 Car Reader

The Car Reader Controller Area Network OBD2 (CanOBD2) is compatible with vehicles made between 1996 to the present, and it comes with a light-emitting diode (LED) screen that is color-coded based on the type of DTC code. This tool allows you to view the errors associated with your Check Engine light and to clear the warning after you fix the problem. The CanOBD2 Car Reader is plug-and-play, which means that your system will recognize it as soon as you plug it in. The manufacturer's product number for this tool is YA3020 and it costs $66.85 as of November 2010.

CanOBD2 ABS Scan Tool

The Scan Tool, Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) and CanOBD2 allows you to diagnose problems associated with your ABS, CAN and OBD2 systems. This tool allows you to view error codes associated with your transmission and original equipment manufacturer -(OEM) enhanced systems. You can pull up freeze frame data about your vehicle, which means that the tool will capture information about a particular moment in time, and you can use this data to compare current, past and future performance. This scan tool comes with software for a Windows-based system so that you can view the scan tool data on your computer or laptop. The manufacturer's product number for this tool is YA3160 and it costs $339.55 as of November 2010.

CanOBD2 Diagnostic Tool

This tool comes with three language displays for Spanish, English and French and it allows you to diagnose and erase Check Engine light warnings. It also comes with an emissions readiness warning light, which could indicate that you have a problem with your emissions sensor. You can connect this tool to your computer, and pull up or print reports. You can also update this diagnostic tool with the latest vehicle model information via the Internet and capture freeze frame data. The manufacturer's product number is YA31000 and it costs $154.35 as of November 2010.

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