Secret Santa Letter Ideas

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Create holiday cheer by giving someone special a secret Santa letter.
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The original creator of the Secret Santa idea was Larry Dean Stewart who wanted to spread hope through random acts of kindness to people in need across the globe during the Christmas season, according to Surprise your family, friends and coworkers this holiday season with a secret Santa letter. Choose a special gift and then combine it with a letter from Santa Claus for a memorable Christmas gift. Wrap the small gift and then sign the gift card "From Santa." Do the same with a personalized letter from Santa; choose a predesigned letter online or simply make your own.


Letters from North Pole for Children

Have Santa write back.
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Children will enjoy receiving a letter in the mailbox addressed to them from Santa. Online businesses can print your letter from Santa to a child and include a gift. Personalize it by writing or printing your own letter from Santa and include a toy. The United States Post Office will stamp the letter to your child from Santa with a North Pole postage cancellation stamp. The North Pole cancellation creates a wonderful keepsake for the child in your life. Write the letter from Santa to the child, and then place the letter from Santa inside an envelope with the child's address printed on the front. The return address should be Santa, North Pole. Place this letter inside a letter addressed to North Pole Christmas Cancellation, Postmaster, 5400 Mail Trail, Fairbanks, Alaska 99709-9998. Get your letters to the Postmaster in Alaska before December 10.



Teens like gifts too.
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Teens usually don't believe in Santa Claus, but you can bring back some of the magic of Santa Claus by sending a teen a secret Santa letter and gift. Write or print a personal message to the teen on colorful Christmas-themed stationary or on a Christmas card. Include a gift for the teen like a music CD or video game. If you don't know what to buy for a teen, give a small money gift of $10 or $20. Gift cards are safer to mail than cash, and if they are lost in the mail, they can be replaced. Select a gift card from a store that offers a variety of products that teens want. Music stores, video game stores, comic book stores and department stores are good choices for gift cards to include with Santa's letter to your teen.



Coworkers often organize Secret Santa gift exchanges.
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Coworkers often organize Secret Santa gift exchanges, and the names of all participants are placed in a hat or box. Each participant then draws a name and keeps the name secret. Gifts should not exceed a predetermined amount. Gift limits are usually under $20. The names of the gift givers are not revealed until the party where the gifts are opened. Adding a letter from Santa is a fun way to give your Secret Santa gift. Write or print a personal message to your coworker from Santa and include a personal story or event that is meaningful to your coworker. A recent promotion or bonus for a great idea submitted to the company is a prime opportunity to personalize the letter from Santa. Buy scratch-off lottery tickets using the upper spending limit set by the company and put them in the letter. Other gifts that may be included in the letter from Santa are a gift certificate for dinner for two at the recipient's favorite restaurant, spa or beauty gift certificates, a round of golf, or a gift card to a trendy department store.


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