Shipwreck Costume Ideas

From Robinson Crusoe to Gilligan's Island to the Blue Lagoon, stories of being trapped on a beautiful, lovely paradise to pit your wits against the elements have intrigue and fascinated us. Just as interesting as finding food and shelter is the big question of what to wear on a deserted island with no department stores. With a little help from books and film, use your creativity to guess and come up with a great shipwreck costume.

Standard Castaway

For your standard run of the mill shipwreck victim, wear a white shirt and any pair of pants. Dirty them up by soaking in tea or by just rolling them in the dirt. Add rips and tears to the shirt. Cut the pants into jagged shorts. Grow as much facial hair as you have time for or get a big bushy wig and beard from a costume shop. For a female costume you can go with the pant and shirt or give a dress the same rip and roll-in-the-dirt treatment.

Robinson Crusoe

The original and most famous shipwrecked castaway is Robinson Crusoe. He was on his island for decades. By the end of his time on the island he was making his own clothes from animal skins. You will need lots of fake fur from a fabric store. The shirt can be just a long rectangle with a hole for your head belt it with another strip of fur or a rough looking piece of rope. Make the pants by cutting out two pants shaped pieces and sewing them together. Add elastic to the waist or make another belt. The hat is just a semi-circle of fake fur rolled into a cone. Wrap your feet in fur or leather leftovers and tie them on with twine or leather strips. To make his well-know fur parasol glue triangles of fur to an umbrella. Paint the handle or wrap it in leather strips.

Shipwrecked Pirate

This costume will work for male or female and it is basically a typical pirate costume with a little shipwrecked aging added to it. Almost any pair of pair of pants that can be cut short into a jagged edge will work. They can be solid or striped. You will need a big sleeved, white shirt or a striped tee and a square tail vest. For you head wear a bandanna or a tri-corner hat. Rip, tear and dirty it up.

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