List of Landscaping Tools

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Landscaping your yard into a neighborhood showcase requires the right tools. Landscaping tools can cross over into basic gardening tools, but you can find yourself acquiring more specialized tools as your landscaping becomes more specialized.


Garden Spade

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The garden spade features a short handle and a flat, square blade. This tool is appropriate for landscaping that involves slicing beneath sod, digging planting holes and trimming edging.


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Garden Shovel

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The garden shovel has a concave blade that is either rounded or slightly tapered at the end. Shovels are available with either a short or long handle. The cantilevered blade provides an angle that gives you more leverage when digging holes.


Hand Weeder

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The hand weeder features a short handle and flat, straight-edged blade. This type of blade can be easily maneuvered between plants to draw the soil towards you and cut off the weeds.



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A wheelbarrow is useful for a landscaping design that requires the transport of large amounts of organic matter, mulch or fertilizer. Heavy tools can also be transported via wheelbarrow from the garage or tool shed out to the gardening area.



Hand Edger

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A hand edger features a long handle and sharp, straight-edged semi-circular blade. This tool is placed along the edge where grass meets with another material like pavement. The blade is used to create a neater border.


Broadcast Rotary Spreader

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A broadcast rotary spreader can spread seed or fertilizer over a large expanse of space much faster and effectively than can be accomplished with a hand-held spreader. Using a rotary spreader helps eliminate streaks in your lawn that can occur when hand-spread nutrients miss large areas.


Hand Pruner

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The hand pruner can be operated with just one hand. It is equipped with two blades that can slice through twigs and stems up to 3/4 of an inch thick.



Hedge Shears

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Hedge shears feature long hands with steel blades of up to 10 inches in length. This is a two-handed tool that can be used not only for landscaping hedges, but also for snapping off twigs and branches up to 1/2 inch thick.


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The chainsaw can be a vital landscaping tool for more rustic landscaping plans. In the hands of a trained individual, the chainsaw can be used to shape topiaries. The chainsaw also can be used to clear away tree limbs and thin out your landscaped area to better highlight your focal points.


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The lopper features very long handles and a very short cutting area. This tool requires the use of both hands to create the leverage needed to allow you to lop off small branches and stems or to reach places too far away for the use of hedge shears.


Sprinkler in yard
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Sprinklers are an essential tool for watering landscaping. An emitter system is equipped with nozzles placed intermittently along the pipe that is delivering the water. Fixed sprinklers are placed where they will provide the most water to the most space.



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