Types of Mushrooms That Grow in Oregon

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Many types of wild mushrooms grow in Oregon.

Oregon has a wide variety of native mushrooms. Some are edible, and others are poisonous. Poisonous mushrooms often resemble edible species, and it is sometimes difficult to identify a specific type of mushroom based on its appearance, so caution is advised if you gather wild mushrooms. You should only eat mushrooms if you are absolutely certain they are safe.



A popular type of mushroom that grows in Oregon is the morel. This edible mushroom sprouts in the spring and often is found on the side of mountain slopes. Morels have a distinct large cap, which is the top part of the plant at the end of the stalk, making them easier to identify than other wild mushrooms.


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King Bolete

The boletus edulis, more commonly known as the king bolete, is an edible species that grows throughout the forests of the Pacific Northwest. It has a brown or brownish-yellow cap and a white to brown stalk. The king bolete is harvested in autumn and sold in specialty food markets and restaurants.


White Matsutake

The white matsutake grows in Oregon's favorable climate and often is found in mixed coniferous forests. The plant is found in both the coastal and inland forests of the state and is usually harvested in December and November. It often grows near such shrubs as rhododendron and huckleberry, according to the U.S. Forest Service.



The chantarelle mushroom is found in many areas of the Pacific Northwest, including Oregon's Willamette National Forest. It grows primarily in Douglas fir forests, though it is sometimes found near live oak trees. The mushroom has a yellow-orange cap with a white underside and is harvested in autumn, winter and spring. The spring harvest is dependent upon cool weather, says the U.S. Forest Service.



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