Free 60th Birthday Party Ideas

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Create a 60th birthday your loved one will remember.

A 60th birthday is a major milestone in everyone's life. When throwing a loved one a 60th birthday party, be sure to have plenty of ideas in mind. Planning the perfect party will create a special and memorable party for the guest of honor and all those involved. From the cake to the decorations, have everything planned out so the special day runs smoothly.



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When mailing invitations, include a cute saying such as "Sixty is Nifty" or "Sexy Sixty." Print the number 60 with black border and a white center. Use the write center to write the details of the party. Cut around the outside of the 60 so that the invitation is the number 60. Also, include some "60" party confetti in the envelope when mailing the invitations.

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Picture Table

Create a picture table of the guest of honor. Put out pictures of the guest of honor's life and family. Print a large picture of the guest when she was a baby and then put an up-to-date picture beside that one. Include other pictures of milestone birthdays, proms, special events and weddings.



Reaching the age of sixty is cause for celebration and reflection.

Hang the number "6" and "0" piñata for decorations. If you have children coming to the party, fill it up and let them enjoy. Hang movie and music posters from the year the birthday guest was born. Create a large personalized 60th birthday banner and have all guests sign it. Use 60th plates, cup and napkins if you are serving food and drinks.



Create the food menu depending on the guest of honor's favorites. Finger foods are fast and easy, and gives guests a chance to mingle around the buffet table. Ask the birthday guest what her favorite finger foods and are and go for easy-to-maneuver things such as sandwiches, fruit trays, chips and dips, cookies, brownies and nuts. Find out what his favorite cake is, be sure to order it with the words "Happy Birthday to the Big Six-Oh" or similar sentiment written atop the cake.


Special Gift

When creating a gift for a 60th birthday you want it to be extra special. Have all the party guests email you pictures of themselves with the birthday guest or pictures of just the birthday guests. Tell them to send pictures of the guest at all ages. Print the pictures out and put them in a photo album. If you are creative and have the time, use the pictures to create a scrapbook for the guest of honor. Either way, have the book ready and present it to the guest of honor on his big day.



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