Ideas for a Man's 30th Birthday

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There are many ways to wish a man a happy 30th birthday.

A man's 30th birthday is an important milestone in his life. Finding a gift for a man for this birthday, whether a spouse, father or friend, requires a bit of thought to determine the types of gifts he would most enjoy. By the time a man reaches 30, he has developed an array of interests that you can use as a guide to choose the perfect birthday gift for him.



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Men, almost without exception, love gadgets. The types of gadgets the man in your life will appreciate will depend on his interests and hobbies. Some men prefer, for example, computer-related gadgets, like a external storage drive or a new printer, while a handyman might like a new laser level or stud detector. The outdoors type will appreciate a birthday gift that helps him enjoy a grand adventure, like a great pair skis for a vacation to the slopes, or maybe a new set of golf clubs to enjoy a day out on the greens.

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The gift of clothing for his birthday might seem a bit blah as a great gift idea, but there are ways to jazz up a clothing gift for his upcoming birthday. A sweatshirt or T-shirt or baseball cap with a personalized design and/or message on it can be a gift he will appreciate. For example, a baseball cap that reads "Greatest Dad" is a wonderful birthday gift idea from a child to his dad. Another idea is to buy a sporting jersey/sweatshirt/T-shirt for him. Websites like and let you upload your design/message for this type of clothing.



Entertainment is a creative gift for a man who could use a night out on his birthday. A pair of tickets to his favorite baseball/basketball team play is a marvelous birthday gift from a son to a dad or from a wife/girlfriend to that special man. For the man who loves literature, a gift certificate to his favorite bookstore can be an ideal birthday gift. Alternatively, purchase a Kindle so that he can store a multitude of his favorite books for easy access. For a romantic birthday gift idea, purchase a pair of tickets to a dinner theater, play or concert.



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