Italian Party Decoration Ideas

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While most Italian-themed parties are all about the food -- breads, pastas and colorful salads -- carefully chosen decorations support the theme and are a great way to get guests into the spirit of the event. Party supply stores often sell items specifically for Italian-themed parties, but you can also have fun putting your own spin on the decor for an event that your guests won't soon forget.


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Use the colors of the national flag of Italy -- red, green and white -- to inspire your party decor. Tuck small Italian flags into flower arrangements and serving bowls. For a formal event, use white tablecloths with red or green cloth napkins. If your party is casual, use traditional red and white checked tablecloths. Other colors that work well with an Italian-themed party are terra cotta, eggplant and olive green. Incorporate your chosen color or colors into the invitations, candles, linens, serving dishes and even balloons for a cohesive look.



Columns make a grand statement at Italian-themed parties. Rent them from a local rental company, or build your own using wood and white paint. Wrap the columns with ivy and holiday lights for sparkle. Place the columns on each side of a window or door for an Italian flair.


Greenery and Flowers

Greenery and flowers are an important addition to any party, but especially one with an Italian theme. You might want to incorporate sunflowers, which are native to Tuscany, to add color to your centerpieces and party space. You can also wind ivy around your columns or between serving dishes on a buffet table. Place small terra cotta pots filled with fresh or dried herbs, such as lavender, thyme and basil, on tables and throughout the room to add color and aroma.



Italian decorating is simple and elegant. Use natural light whenever possible. If the weather permits, have your party outdoors. At night, decorate with strands of clear lights in the surrounding trees. Whether your party is inside or out, use white candles liberally. Float them in bowls of water -- and place clusters of votive candles on the tables.


Food as Decor

Italian parties usually highlight great food, so use food items in your decor. Clusters of grapes and bottles of wine add an instant Italian feel. Bowls of olives and large wedges of cheese double as appetizers.



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