Pajama Party Games for Adults

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Adult pajama parties are casual and offer lots of fun game opportunities

Pajama parties for adults are casual affairs that often turn into overnight events. Keeping with the relaxed atmosphere of pajama parties, fun and casual PJ-themed games can help make your next adult pajama party a successful event that might just keep your guests up all night.


Sleeping Bag Races

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Create two or three teams, depending upon the number of guests, and have a sleeping bag relay race. Teams line up and take turns hopping to the finish line and back, swapping off the sleeping bag until one team completes its round of players.

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Musical Sleeping Bags

Played just like musical chairs. Lay out enough sleeping bags for all but one guest. Play a song. Guests dance until the song stops, then they scamper for the available sleeping bags. The guest who doesn't get a bag is out. Remove a sleeping bag for each round. This continues until there is only one winning guest in a sleeping bag.


Toss the Teddy

Grab a stuffed teddy bear and arrange guests in a circle. Guests toss the teddy bear to whomever they choose, as quickly as possible. When you miss the teddy, you're out of the game. The last guest standing wins.



Twister is a fun game to play, and ideal for a pajama party since pajamas are usually looser fitting and will allow your guests greater mobility.

Hide and Sheet

Guests set the boundaries of where hiding is allowed. The guest who is "it" gets covered with a sheet, the lights go out, and the person with the sheet has to find the hiding guests. The fun part is, guests can stand in plain view and simply move out of the way to avoid getting tagged.



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