Games to Play at a Partylite Party

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Close-up of white PartyLite candles.
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PartyLite home consultants showcase and take orders for PartyLite products at parties in a host's home, attempting to build interest in the product on a personal level. In addition to being an entertaining way to break the ice, PartyLite party games allow guests to familiarize themselves with the product. Award game winners with small PartyLite prizes, such as votive candles or tealights, to pique guests' interest.


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Guess the Scent

Introduce PartyLite's wide selection of scents to your guests by having them guess the scent of the candle. Start by giving each guest a pen and piece of paper. Next, wrap a PartyLite votive or tea light candle in tissue paper to disguise the candle's color and place it in a bag. Pass the bag around the room, asking everyone to smell the candle in the bag and write down what scent they think it is. After everyone has had a chance to smell the candle, announce the candle's scent. Guests who correctly guess the scent award themselves with one point. Guests do not have to guess the exact name of the PartyLite candle's scent. For example, if you pass around the Blueberry Wisteria candle and a guest writes "blueberry," she receives a point. After the last candle has been passed around, everyone tallies her points, and the guest with the most points wins the game.


Candle Lover or Candle Duster

Create a list of 10 to 12 candle and PartyLite "yes or no" questions, making enough copies of each question so that each guest can have one. Questions can include: "I've burned a PartyLite candle in my home before"; "I've had a candlelight dinner in the last two months"; "I know what hugging, trimming and snuffing mean"; "I use candles as decorations in my home." Ask the guests to read through the list and award themselves one point for each question they can answer "yes." Tally the scores and give a candle-related prize to the Candle Lover--the guest with the highest score. Give another candle-related prize to the Candle Duster--the guest with the lowest score. When awarding the Candle Duster her prize, tell her that you hope the prize can turn her into a Candle Lover.



Wick-tionary puts a PartyLite spin on the word-guessing board game, Pictionary. Write PartyLite- and candle-related words and phrases on notecards. Examples of phrases include: "Ball Candles"; "Lighting a Candle"; "Tealights"; "No Beeswax"; "Hosting a PartyLite Party." Place the note cards in a bowl and choose one guest as the first artist. Have the artist draw a card out of the bowl. The artist must draw the phrase and the other guests can yell out their guesses. Use an hourglass or kitchen time to place a time limit for each phrase, if desired. The first guest to correctly guess the phrase receives one point. Select another guest to be the artist. Continue playing the game until all guests have had a chance to play artist. The guest who accumulates the most points wins the game.