Disease & Pest Resistant Pine Trees That Grow Fast

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The evergreen pine tree is not only valued for its wood, but is highly prized for landscaping, due to its striking appearance.

The evergreen pine tree is not only valued for its wood, but is highly prized for landscaping, due to its striking appearance. This cone-bearing family of trees includes more than 100 species. Pine trees can become a graceful living legacy to the conscientious landscaper and gardener, but one needs to choose trees that are resistant to both diseases and pests. Plant wisely, as you do not want to stress the growing tree. This requires providing sufficient room for its roots and branches to spread.


Japanese Umbrella Pine

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The foliage and texture of this pine, which can be either grouped or planted singly as an accent tree, is highly sought after by serious gardeners and landscapers. The umbrella pine, although not as prolific as some of the other pines, has the great advantage of being both disease- and pest-resistant.


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Japanese Black Pine

This pine is noted for its fast growth, particularly if planted in moist, acidic soil that is nutrient-rich. Other positive attributes are that the black pine is highly tolerant of strong winds, and is both heat- and drought-resistant. It is vulnerable, however, to a root nematode.


Korean Nut Pine

This disease and pest–resistant pine is found in East Asia. As with the umbrella pine, this sun-loving pine can be grown either as a single tree or grouped for effect.

Cow’s tail Pine

Also referred to as the Japanese plum yew, this aristocratic pine is both shade- and heat-tolerant. It can be grown as a hedge, singly or in large, impressive groups. The cow's tail pine keeps its color all winter and has the advantage of being both disease- and pest–resistant. As with all of the problem-resistant pines, though, its growth is not as fast as those pines more vulnerable to diseases and pests.


Ponderosa Pine

This tall, fast-growing pine tree is hardy enough to thrive under most conditions. The Ponderosa pine, which is also known as the bull or Western yellow pine, can easily withstand both drought and high salt concentrations. The Ponderosa pine is considered relatively disease and pest- resistant.


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