5 Fun Going Away Party Games

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Sending someone off on a positive note with a goodbye party is a nice way to say goodbye to a friend moving away, whether they're leaving for a new job, new school, or other reasons. When planning what games to have at a farewell party, consider activities that put smiles on everyone's faces while sparking conversation and encouraging good vibes.


Our favorite games to play at a farewell party include things like trivia, treasure hunts, and more. Keep reading for our top five farewell party game suggestions.

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1. Farewell Trivia

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Make a quiz with questions about the honored guest who's leaving, asking questions like "What's their favorite color?" or "What was their first pet's name?"


Include some false memories or trick questions to see who believes they actually happened and marks the answer as true or answers incorrectly.

Use true or false questions, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank questions to mix things up.


2. Scavenger Hunt Sardines

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First, have the person who's going away party it is hide somewhere nearby. Create a treasure hunt where guests look for clues about the person going away, with the clues eventually leading to the person. For example, a clue can send the seekers to the person's favorite spot to watch TV, where there will be another clue that sends them elsewhere, eventually leading them to find the person hiding.


Once someone finds the person hiding, they have to hide along with them, like the game known as sardines. The last person to find the honored guest is the loser. Make the loser do something silly like put on a funny hat for the rest of the party.


3. Packing Challenge

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Put a large pile of travel items in the center of the floor along with a couple of suitcases. Have a challenge among a few people at a time to have them see who can pack a suitcase for travel as fast as possible. Choose a specific location where they'll be traveling to and leave it up to the challengers to decide what they should take along.


Once everyone has finished packing, players have to open their suitcases to show everyone what they packed — the rest of the crowd gets to score them based on how well they packed for the location they're going to (have them rate it on a scale of one to 10). The person with the most points wins!


4. Clue Dinner Party

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Set up a dinner party where each person is a character in the game Clue. Have this mystery game involve the honored guest going missing (instead of being killed as most murder mystery games are played). Guests must try to figure out who kidnapped the honored guest and where the kidnapper took him.



There are murder mystery dinner kits available to purchase online or at big box retailers if you don't want to plan the entire game.

5. Betting Book

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Set up a betting book to place wagers on something fun like how soon the person will come back to visit. This can be for real and involve actual bets or just as a joke. To crown the winner, you'll have to wait a while!


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