Fun Baby Shower Games for Men

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Family and friends predominantly hold women-only baby showers, though on occasion, men attend co-ed parties and even may have one held in their honor. Party hosts can help men feel more comfortable at baby showers by engaging guests in fun games that involve male-friendly components, and some that put men in expectant mothers' shoes.


Baby Bottle Games

Men form a circle and pass around juice-filled baby bottles in the game Musical Bottle Race. When the host starts playing music, men pass three bottles around the circle. When \ the music stops, players holding a bottle have to drink it, with the player who drinks his bottle the quickest winning. To enhance the challenge, the host may seal up one of the nipples; that way, one player sucks, with nothing coming out.


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Bobbing Nipples involves blindfolded men fishing out baby bottle nipples from a bowl of water on a table, only using their mouths. The guy who fishes out all the nipples in his bowl wins the game.

Beer acts as best friend to some men, so Baby Bottle Chug should go over well with male shower guests. The host gives each man a baby bottle filled with beer or another beverage. Whichever guy chugs their bottle first wins the game. As a more challenging variation, men chug the bottle's contents without using hands.


Include sports games for male shower guests. For Baby Bottle Bowling, the host arranges eight to 10 baby bottles triangularly on one end of a table. Guests take one small ball, line up and roll the ball toward the bottles. Players score one point for each bottle they knock over. The player with the most points after three rounds wins the game.


Baby Care Games

Men should practice holding a baby before the actual arrival. For Don't Drop Baby, guys toss water balloons back and forth to each other; twosome who pops their balloon last wins the game. In another variation, men put an egg on a spoon and race to a finish line. The guy who makes it to the finish line without ever dropping his egg wins the game.


Aside from holding a baby, men will also need diapering skills. Blindfolded men take turns diapering a baby doll, with the fastest diaper changer winning. As a variation, men try diapering inflated balloons with a safety pin. The man who successfully diapers the balloon without popping it wins the game.


Baby Pong

Male shower guests may enjoy Baby Pong. The host places six plastic cups in the form of a triangle at both ends of a table. Men divide into teams, standing at opposite ends of the table. Rather than ping pong balls, players aim small plastic babies at the other team's cup (which contains beer or another beverage). When players land a baby in a cup, they remove that cup from the table and the team who "owned" the cup drinks the cup's contents. Play continues until one team has no cups left; that team loses the game.


Giving Birth

Men get an idea of how it feels to carry around a baby in Giving Birth. The host gives each guy a blown-up balloon. The men proceed to place the balloon under their shirts and sit on a chair. Without using their hands, men try "giving birth" by getting the balloon out from under their shirts. The first guy to "give birth" without popping the balloon wins the game.


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