Snowman Craft Project Ideas

Create snowman crafts for winter decorations.
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Snowman craft project ideas range in difficulty from easy to challenging. Teach children or adults how to make snowman crafts. Give your snowman crafts to loved ones or use them to decorate your home or classroom. While holiday decorations usually are packed away right after Christmas, you can display your snowman craft projects all winter.

Recycled Snowman

Reuse old materials to make a recycled snowman. This project requires a CD and the lid from a juice can. Spray the CD and can lid with white spray paint. Glue the juice can lid to the CD so the two items overlap. Decorate your snowman with paint, googly eyes, pom-poms, buttons, yarn, fabric or a permanent marker. Use chenille stems to create twig arms. Make a hat or scarf out of a scrap of fabric. Glue a loop of yarn or ribbon to the back of the snowman to create a Christmas ornament. Glue a magnet to the snowman's back to create a refrigerator magnet.

Snowman Ornament

This project is a good choice for young children. An adult will do most of the work. Paint the child's palm and fingers white. Hold a blue Christmas ornament at the top. Help the child wrap her fingers around the ornament. Ask her to spread her fingers--they should be far enough apart that they won't touch. Each fingerprint will be a snowman. Paint a face, clothing, arms and snow drifts between the snowmen. Use a paint pen to add the child's name to her ornament. Spray the snowman craft with a coat of clear enamel spray to protect the painted decorations.

Melting Snowman

Create a melting snowman to celebrate the end of winter. Cut out an irregular circle from a piece of white felt. Add dots of black puff paint to a large white pom-pom to create your snowman's eyes and mouth. Add an orange piece of craft foam to the pom-pom for the snowman's "carrot" nose. Use craft glue to attach the pom-pom to the felt circle. Cut out a scarf from a piece of red felt. Glue the scarf around the pom-pom. Add small twigs to the felt for the snowman's arms.