Champagne Birthday Ideas

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champagne birthday
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A champagne birthday is a celebration when the date of someone's birth and his age are the same--for example, when someone turns 29 on the 29th. It is a chance to have a once-in-a-lifetime birthday celebration. Some distinctive ideas for the party, should make this an unforgettable birthday.


Personalized Champagne Bottle

champagne bottle
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A personalized champagne bottle with the person's birthday and age custom printed on the label serves as both decor and a keepsake. The guest of honor can toast to a fabulous birthday with loved ones, then the bottle can go up on a shelf as a keepsake. There are many options for label and inscription choices, and labels can be created at home or ordered from a specialty store or printer.


Video of the Day


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Instead of a regular birthday cake, consider using cupcakes write out the numerals of birthday. For example, if the individual is turning 22, put 22 cupcakes on the platter to form the number 22, and include 22 candles. If there are more than that many guests, put extra cupcakes on a separate plate.



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Balloons are a popular and inexpensive decoration, that are useful indoors or outdoors. Blow up the same number of balloons as the person's age, and place them in various areas around the room. If possible, put the same number of balloons outside as well.



list of things friends love
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Pass around a list at the party with as many blank spaces as the person's age. Ask the guests to write one thing they love about the guest of honor. If there are more than enough guests, make another list with the same amount of blank spaces for those who did not get to sign the first one. The second list can be wishes for the person or a list of memories.




ice cream bar
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Serve food buffet style for the champagne birthday party. Burgers or pizza, with toppings such as cheese and onions, are good dinner options. For dessert, in addition to the cake, create an ice cream bar with one topping for each year of the person's age.


Signature Card

giant birthday card
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Draw the person's age on a large piece of poster board. Have each guest who comes to the party sign his or her name inside the numbers. They may wish to write short "Happy Birthday" comments as well. The guest of honor can keep it as a memento after the day is over and, in the meantime, it can serve as a decoration for the party.



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