Game Ideas for a Survivor Party

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Survivor games work even if you are not stranded on an island.

Since 2000, the "Survivor" reality television program has captivated audiences with its grueling challenges, isolated locations and dynamic relationships between contestants. The reality show has many loyal fans, making it a popular theme for parties. Whether the guests are kids or adults, "Survivors" provides inspiration for several entertaining party games.


Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are a common game on the actual "Survivor" show and are easy to set up--either indoors in a large venue or outside. For kids, smaller obstacles--such as pillows to jump, boxes to climb through, sawhorses to climb under or a kiddie pool to run through--work well. For adults, you will want to choose larger obstacles so the players can get through them easier. The same types of items work, just on a larger scale. For example, a large appliance box would work as a tunnel for adults.


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Puzzle Relay

Puzzles also play a key role in many "Survivor" challenges. For this party game, either make your own puzzle from cardboard or use a commercial puzzle. Hide the pieces of each team's puzzle in one area of the yard or party venue. Hiding the pieces in a sandbox is a fitting option for the theme. One at a time, the members from the teams race to the sandbox, find a puzzle piece and return it to the starting line. When all the puzzle pieces are found, the teams must assemble their puzzles.


Gross Food Challenge

An eating competition fits well into the "Survivor" theme. You can do something simple like a gummy worm eating contest or add a gross element to it. For the second option, choose foods that most people consider to be unpleasant, such as sardines or Brussels sprouts. You can also make strange combinations, such as ice cream and pickles. The contestants must finish off the item to get the points for that round.


Hidden Immunity Idol

Before the party, hide an immunity idol somewhere in the party venue. Create a series of clues to find it, much the way the real "Survivor" show does for its contestants. Your party guests use the clues to find the location of the idol. The person to find it first wins a special prize. You can also hide several idols and hand out multiple prizes if you prefer.


Team Flags

Divide the party guests into teams. Each team must come up with a team name and design a team flag. A poster board works well for the team flags. Provide paint and other craft supplies so the teams can decorate the flags creatively. Assign a judge who is not involved in the competition to choose the most creative team flag and name.



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