Which Vitamins Help Plant Growth the Best?

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Vitamins are essential for the growth and development of plants. Vitamins are organic compounds providing essential nutrients, and are proven to help plant growth. Vitamins help reduce general stress and increase the immunity of plants against disease and rough climate. The ideal vitamin required for growth can depend on the type of plant.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C.
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Vitamin C, or ascorbate, is considered essential for plant's growth. This vitamin helps plants cope with stress, photosynthesis and climate changes, and protects plants from ultraviolet rays. Plants cannot mature without vitamin C.

Scientists from the University of Exeter and Shimane University in Japan in 2007 found that an enzyme called GDP-L-galactose phosphorylase produces vitamin C in plants. The enzyme helps control the amount of vitamin C in a plant. Scientists are studying the enzyme in an effort to boost crop yields.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D.
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Vitamin D3 is the best for plant growth. While vitamin D2 is also considered to be good, vitamin D3 helps with better absorption of calcium in the plant stems. It is especially important in vegetative propagation, in which roots are grown via cutting. Vitamin D and associated compounds are great growth materials and have a positive effect on adaptive root response in stressful situations.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B.
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Studies published in "Botanical Gazette" by the University of Chicago Press tell the importance of vitamin B1, or thiamine hydrochloride, in plant growth. Along with other nutritional supplements, when vitamin B1 is added to a plant, there is an increase in its growth. It is of special importance for enhanced root formation of some plants. Vitamins B6 and B12 are also important for healthy plant growth.

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